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Pioneer Gold Package (2x PLX-1000-N Gold Turntables + 1x DJM-S9-N Gold DJ Mixer)

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  • Limited edition package
  • 2x Pioneer PLX-1000-N Gold Turntables
  • 1 x Pioneer DJM-S9-N Gold DJ Mixer
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Limited edition package

  • 2x Pioneer PLX-1000-N Gold Turntables
  • 1 x Pioneer DJM-S9-N Gold DJ Mixer

PIoneer PLX-1000-N

LA reborn classic

The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables. The result is a familiar layout with some next generation improvements, including a high-torque direct drive system, multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, and detachable power and audio cables. It’s solidly built for excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise, high-grade audio playback.

Combine the PLX-1000 with your DJM mixer for the ideal set-up for turntablists and vinyl enthusiasts.

There will be just 1,000 PLX-1000-Ns worldwide, each bearing a plate engraved with its individual serial number – a chance to get your hands on a truly unique set-up.

Turn the tables

The high-torque direct drive ensures stable rotation and exceptional control – and it reaches 33? rpm in just 0.3 seconds thanks to a starting torque of 4.5kg/cm (or more).

Excellent sound design

The PLX-1000’s heavy-mass, die-cast zinc chassis prevents resonance and vibrations. The lower part of the unit is reinforced with 8mm-thick resin, plus 9mm-thick, vibration-damping material at the base. Plus the rubber-insulated tone arm reduces howling effects, while rubber and springs on the dampening parts of the insulator absorb external vibrations.

Pick up the pace

Multi-tempo control lets you instantly pick up or slow down the track to ±8%, ±16% and ±50%, while a simple reset button instantly reverts to ±0%.

Flexible connectivity

Interchangeable power and audio cables can be easily connected and replaced, and pro-grade gold-plated RCA jacks ensure low impedance and an amazing sound quality.

PIoneer DJM-S9-N

Lean and mean.

Meet the DJM-S9, our first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. The fully customisable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads and FX buttons let you tailor the mixer according to your preferences. So get ready to decimate the dance floor with personalized FX and rigorous scratch performances.

The DJM-S9 inherits its high-quality audio circuitry from our flagship 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-2000NXS. The power inlet is designed to reduce resistance and deliver the stable sound you need in loud club environments.

There will be just 500 DJM-S9-N (gold edition) models worldwide, each bearing a plate engraved with its individual serial number – a chance to get your hands on a truly unique set-up.

Magvel Fader Pro

Our durable Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader delivers a smooth response. Use the Feeling Adjust dial to change the operational load, then modify the crossfader’s curve and reverse settings to your preference. Plus the mixer comes with shock-absorbing bumpers in 3 materials so you choose your level of rebound.

Performance pads

Use the highly responsive multi-colour pads to trigger to Hot Cue, Roll, Slice and Loop or map the pads to other Serato DJ functions. The EL display shows which mode is in play, and you can use Serato DJ to allocate colours to modes for an even stronger visual cue.

Customisable FX buttons

6 Beat FX buttons and 6 Serato DJ FX* buttons, plus 2 banks, give you unprecedented choice. Fire up the pre-set Beat FX or replace them with other popular on-board FX. Map your favourite Serato DJ FX and their parameters to the 6 buttons on the right.

* Serato DJ offers up to 45 different FX (paid expansion pack needed)

Filter FX

Rotate the dial to add a high/low pass filter to FX on each channel, or use Serato DJ to switch to other filter FX like Dub Echo, Noise and Pitch.

Style levers

Quickly turn effects on and off using the 2 large Style Levers. Trigger FX briefly, lock them on, or exit arrangements quickly.

2 Built-in USB soundcards

Play back-to-back with other DJs seamlessly using the input switcher on top to switch between all four Serato DJ decks. And if you prefer to play with CDJs or turntables, you can easily do so thanks to DVS support.

  • Limited edition package
  • 2x Pioneer PLX-1000-N Gold Turntables
  • 1 x Pioneer DJM-S9-N Gold DJ Mixer
-- Pioneer PLX-1000-N Specifications --
Width: 267 mm
Height: 107.9 mm
Depth: 407.3 mm
Weight: 4.6 kg
Drive Method: Quartz lock, servo-type, direct drive
Platter: Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm
Motor: 3-phase, brushless DC motor
Braking System: Electronic brake
Rotation Speed: 33?-45 rpm
Rotation Adjustment Range: ±8, ±16, ±50 %
Wow and Flutter: <0.01% (Measured by obtaining signal from built-in frequency generator of motor assembly.)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB
Starting Torque: > 4.5 kg/cm
Start Time: 0.3 sec (at 33 rpm)
Tone Arm
Arm Type: Universal type S-shape tone arm
Gimbal-supported type bearing structure
Static balance type
Overhang: 15 mm
Effective Length: 230 mm
Tracking Error: Within 3°
Height Adjustment Range: 6 mm
Stylus Pressure Variable Range: 0-4 g (1 scale 0.1 g)
Single Cartridge Weight: 3.5-13 g
Outputs: 2 MASTER (XLR, RCA)
1 BOOTH (1/4 inch Jack)
2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Jack, MiniPin)
-- Pioneer DJM-S9-N Specifications --
Main Features
MIDI Control: Full assignable MIDI controls
DVS Control: Serato DJ
Auto Standby: Yes
Software System Requirements
Windows 8.1/ 7: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo, (Memory) 4GB
Mac OS X 10.10/10.9/10.8: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo, (Memory) 4GB
Display Resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher
Rack Mount: Yes
Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
S/N Ratio USB: 107 dB
Distortion: < 0.005 % (USB)
Level Meter Size: 9 segment
EQ/ISO: 3 band
ISO Range: -inf ~ +6 dB
Reverse Channels: Yes
Level Meter Type: Individual
Peak Limiter: Yes
Performance Control
Channels: 2
Sound Colour FX: Dub Echo
Wide Filter
Beat FX: Back Spin
Fader Synth Saw
Fader Synth Sine
Fader Synth Square
HP Filter
LP Filter
Vinyl Brake
Serato DJ FX powered by iZotope: Yes
3-Band Isolator: Yes
Auto BPM Counter: Yes
Crossfader Type: Magvel Fader Pro
CURVE Assignable: Yes
Reverse Crossfader: Yes
Tension Adjustment: Yes
Mic Connection: XLR / 1/4-inch Jack Combo
Talkover: ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator: Yes
Sound card
Connection: USB
Sample Rate: 24 bit
Frequency: 48 kHz
Inputs: 2 CD/LINE (RCA)
1 MIC (XLR/Jack Combo)
USB: 2 USB B ports

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