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Stems: A New Audio Format

Traktor Pro 2 and STEMS for Creative DJing

Traktor is known to have a wide array of features that were designed to offer users with absolute flexibility as well as intuitive performance much like a pro. It is known for its core features of advanced library, automatic track analysis and all the essentials you will need for making an optimum track.

If you want an easy and convenient browsing of your favourite tracks, Traktor Pro 2 does so in just mere seconds. It also comes with full iTunes integration which means that both your playlists and library can be quickly accessed by means of TRAKTOR. Aside from this, Traktor also provides you with wide array of features when it comes to customisable DJ mixer.

With Traktor, you are able to choose from different filter types and EQs based on the industry’s favourites. Syncing is also easy and instantaneous when it comes to Traktor Pro 2. It automatically detects Track BPM, beat-grids and keys as soon as there are imports and is used by the Sync engine. With this, you can have a perfectly beat-matched mixes each time you use Traktor Pro 2.

What is STEMS?

Stems are a new type of audio file that has four discreet groupings of instruments which are designed to allow DJs to either isolate or turn down any parts of their choice. It is an audio format that is open multi-track and designed to enhance DJs, live performers and music producer’s creative possibilities. The four groupings of instruments distinct to a stem file typically include a drum stem, melody stem, bass line stem and a vocal stem.

The Stem format is popular for the fact that it offers an incredible ability of having various musical instruments to freely interact within a track. Each of these stem can also be controlled independently so as to create mixes, acappellas, mashups, instrumentals and more instantly.

Traktor Pro 2 is the first DJ software that is able to support the Stems format. Traktor Pro 2 is able to support Stems with hardware controllers which are designed to have hands-on control on Traktor stem decks. Recently, more software that are Stems-ready are developed which DJs, producers and live performers can expect very soon.

Stem Creator Tool Application

If you don’t have a Stem-supported hardware or software, you can still play Stem files using regular stereo files. You only need a standard application that is mp4 compatible or any media player. It doesn’t need any special software or hardware to play your Stem files with this.

On the other hand, if you want create and produce your own Stem files, you can use a Stem Creator Tool application. With such tool applications, you will be able to easily and quickly create your very own Stem files, produce and then play your own tracks. Most DJs and Producers use Creator tools these days and it is very easy to use them for they are provided with technical information as well as a guide for quick start.

If you want to create efficient stem files, there are in fact fast and simple tools you can use in order to help you get results. With simple and standalone app, specifically built for authoring stem file, you can achieve the exact material that you need. All you need is 4 musical track elements with individual audio files and import them in the “Stem Creator Tool” while adjusting the compression and click export.

Innovative and top quality stem.mp4 file will then be created which is ready to be used in creative mixing. It will actually depend on how people work with musical compositions, various toolkits, and other essentials to start creating separate Stem files available with this new audio file format.

Ultimate Usability of Stems

The libraries as well as specifications of Stems are also available if you need them. Be one of the first people to explore this latest audio file format and keep up with evolving Stems-related solutions through the help of this program. Producers and DJs can now efficiently create and play their own tracks by just downloading this tool.

The file also offers more specific technical details with quick-start guide to help you in every step of the process. Distributors as well as labels will also take advantage of this new solution when it comes to marketing more creative tracks. With the free version, you can try if it works on your needs, although it is guaranteed to meet your needs in no time.

And if you want to develop hardware or software, you can also create it with ultimate compatibility with Stems file. In fact, the specifications are available to help you make perfect tracks. Code and documentation is actually included in creating your command line Stem Creator Tool with DSP library to help you master each component.

How Stems Work

It actually works by initially importing 4 elements of your track. It is prepared in separate audio file via wave editor or DAW with the use of stereo master for the entire track. After importing, the metadata such as album title, stem name as well as stem colour may be edited. Then, limiting and master compression may be applied on each stem to perfectly balance playback.

After that, the tool will then export and pack the stem files into one file via stem.mp4 format. Stems tool is actually perfect for producers who want to conveniently create music files in an efficient manner. As open formatted, you can create, perform and distribute files on your terms. This ideally provides a brand new way of working to get recognised.

Stems also offer excellent material in order to ensure exclusive promotion via trusted DJs. While on stage, it will allow you to perform all your tracks on a live mode while you retain creative opportunities in DJing as well as in studio sessions. Producers can take advantage of the newest Stem Creator Tool as a convenient free app.

What are you waiting for? Create your own Stem files now with this fast and simple tool available for download!

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