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Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)

Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)

Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)
Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)
Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)
Pioneer DJM-5000 (Ex-Display)
  • Ex-Display
  • Excellent Condition
  • Some marks on rack wings
  • No Original Box
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  • Ex-Display
  • Excellent Condition
  • Some marks on rack wings
  • No Original Box

Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more compatibility, more possibilities and more punch. These requirements are now met by the latest addition to the trusted DJM mixer family: the DJM-5000.

Available across Europe from Octoiber 2009 at a suggested retail price of £789, the 4-channel mixer boasts several standout innovations that place a premium on DJ dynamism, usability and professional style.

The ideal companion for our MEP-7000 media player, the DJM-5000 delivers 96kHz/24-bit sound and is also fully MIDI-enabled.

DJM-5000: More flexibility, more compatibility, more punch.

Its built-in sound card for the laptop DJ guarantees quick and convenient PC/Mac connectivity, while three microphone channels together with four mic effects and an Advanced talk over application allow meticulous control over MCs, announcements and vocals.

It also offers a dedicated Master/Zone output facility, enabling one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.

Adding to its knockout credentials, the DJM-5000 includes a new Sound Maximizer function that boosts EQ dynamics to suit play in any environment and breathe new life into MP3’s.

Borrowing its technology from the DJM-1000, the analogue signal from the media player is digitised at 96kHz/24-bit, so it reaches the digital mixing stage in the best possible state. Mixing is then carried out by 32-bit digital signal processing with minimal deterioration of sound quality.

There is no excessive wiring, no extra sound card and no nonsense. Since the mixer employs a six-channel (three stereo pair) USB audio interface, it’s possible to play music directly from a PC via the USB connection – without the need for an additional external sound card.

The DJM-5000 features two independent output systems, enabling separate music to be sent to two different areas. For example, one mixer can be the nerve centre for high-energy dance music on the main dancefloor and also play more chilled beats in the lounge. The microphone output can also be selected to transmit individually, so that announcements, MC or vocal performances can be tailored specifically to each zone.

Three easy-to-use microphone channels are honed for improved performance. Two of the inputs have independent microphone channel systems, and volume and three-band EQ can be controlled separately for each. Channel 1 of the DJ section can also be used for mic input, complete with three-band EQ. For extra adjustment of MCs or vocals, four key mic effects are included: Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver and Pitch. In addition, the send/return terminals, which are the same as on the DJM-800, present the possibility for yet more connectivity and effects.

The DJM-5000 offers two types of talk over, with a knob to adjust the ducking level. The advanced talk over function makes it easier to hear exactly what is being communicated over the microphone without reducing the volume of the music. Normal talk over automatically lowers the level of the music across the full frequency, which means an overall drop in volume. However, with Advanced talk over only the mid-range frequency band is lowered. This allows DJs, MCs and vocalists to proceed smoothly without detracting from the atmosphere that has been built in the room.

The Sound Maximizer makes it easy to optimise the audio to suit the venue. This is done via two rotary knobs: 1) Dynamics, which boosts the low range for a richer, stronger sound, and 2) Clarity, which improves the general sense of separation and emphasises the mid-high range for a crisper, clearer sound, even at lower volumes.

61 different knobs and buttons on the DJM-5000 can transmit control data via MIDI signal over a single USB connection with your PC to any MIDI-mapable DJ software. As such, the mixer can also be used as a MIDI controller to advance flexibility and control.

Fader Start Play: Connecting a Pioneer CDJ or MEP player makes it possible to start/cue the player simply by sliding the cross fader or channel fader.

19-Inch Rack Mount Ready: The solid rack mount format is simple to install with other equipment in clubs, bars and studios.

  • 96kHz/24-bit unbeatable studio quality digital audio
  • 3-way USB audio interface permits direct input from a PC
  • Master/Zone output allows one mixer to manage two areas
  • Check 1,2,3… microphone channels, with advanced MC features, and four mic effects
  • Advanced talk over feature
  • Sound Maximizer boosts EQ, in accordance with the environment
  • Fully Assignable USB-MIDI function for connectivity and software control
  • Versatile connection options
  • Digital Input: Two inputs for direct connection to digital sources with superior signal quality.
  • Peak Level Meter: Each channel features an LED meter for speedy monitoring.
  • Three-Band EQ: High, Mid, Low equaliser on each channel (–26dB to +6dB).
  • Cross Fader Assign: Easily assign channel output via the cross fader for versatile control.
  • Cross Fader Curve Adjust: The curve of the cross fader can be adjusted to three patterns.
Master Balance: Yes
Fader Curve: 3
Assignable: Yes
Mic Connection: XLR/Phone Combo (x 1), XLR(x1), Phone (x1)
Mic EQ: 3 band
Mic EQ Range: -12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover: ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator: Yes
Advanced Talkover: Yes (Normal/Advanced)
Mic Effects: 4 effects (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver, Pitch)
Mic Connection: XLR/Phone Combo (x 1), XLR(x1), Phone (x1)
Mic EQ: 3 band
Mic EQ Range: -12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover: ON/OFF Button
Talkover Attenuator: Yes
Advanced Talkover: Yes (Normal/Advanced)
Mic Effects: 4 effects (Reverb, Echo+Verb, Octaver, Pitch)
Assignable Controls: 61
MIDI Out (DIN): 1 (USB vas?tas?yla)
MIDI On/Off: Yes
Soundcard: DJM-5000
Frequency: 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
Specifications: DJM-5000
SN Ratio Line: 102 dB
MIDI/HID Control: USB-MIDI controls (61 fully assignable)
No. of Channels: 4
Sampling Rate / Depth: 96kHz / 24-bit
Channel EQ: 3 band
EQ Range: -26 ~ +6
Level Meter Type: Individual
Level Meter Size: 10 segment
CD/LINE Input (RCA): 6
S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA): 2
MIC Input (XLR): 1
MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack): 1
MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo): 1
RETURN (1/4 inch Jack): 1
USB-A: 3 (44.1/48kHz, 16/24bit)
Master Output (XLR): 1
Master Output (RCA): 1
Zone Output (XLR): 1
Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack): 1 (T.R.S)
Rec Out (RCA): 1
Send (1/4 inch Jack): 1
Booth Monitor: Yes
Stereo/Mono Switch: Yes
Level Meter Size: 10 Segment
Master Out Attenuator: Yes
Sample Rate: 16-bit or 24-bit
Dimensions (W x H x D): 482.6 x 107.8 x 225.1 mm
Weight: 8.9 kg
Power Consumption: 33 Watt
SN Ratio Mic: 84 dB
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
Crosstalk Line: 80 dB dB
Rack Mount: 19-inch rack mountable
Regular price £700.00 £0.00 Unit price per
In Stock

In Stock

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