Reloop Flux

Reloop Flux

Reloop Flux
Reloop Flux
Reloop Flux
Reloop Flux
Reloop Flux
Reloop Flux
  • Next-gen USB-C 3-Channel (6x6 In/Out) DVS audio interface for Serato DJ Pro
  • Turn any mixer into a professional digital vinyl system
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The Reloop Flux is a next-generation USB-C interface for using Serato DJ Pro with turntables, CDJs or other media players. The interface boasts superior audio qualities, a well-designed operating concept, and a club-ready design. It can transform any conventional mixer into a professional digital vinyl system.


Three stereo inputs provide DJs with maximum flexibility. Turntables, CDJs, and similar can be used in any combination. The settings are adjusted using discreet DIP switches, which virtually eliminates any chance of accidental switching in the club. The interface includes three stereo outputs, including an AUX out that can be routed to Serato DJ Pro´s internal sampler. Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant RCA jacks ensure high-quality audio transmission.


The Reloop Flux provides the best possible routing overview thanks to clearly visible signal flow LEDs for all inputs and outputs and a Thru status indicator. Connection status (hub, PD, DC) LED indicators on the top of the interface provide additional control options. The Direct Thru buttons on the top of the interface enable you to quickly and easily activate and disable Thru mode, which allows connected turntables and CDJs to be used conventionally. Navigation through the Serato software is no longer necessary.


The Reloop Flux includes a built-in 2-port USB-A hub for connecting MIDI controllers and other USB accessories. Aside from the expanded connection options, the hub reduces potential connection faults in a busy club environment by keeping the setup connected even without the laptop.


The Reloop Flux offers studio quality in the club and wherever it's needed with 24-bit/96 kHz, high-quality digital/analogue converters, and ultra-low latency. For this reason, it’s a superior DVS interface which could also be used as an audio interface in the studio.


The Reloop Flux is bus-powered by a computer, so there's minimal wiring required for audio and power cables. The DVS interface can also be powered by external power sources through the USB-C DC input, allowing turntables and CDJs to be used in Thru mode even without a computer connected. The Flux's second USB-C port provides Power Delivery support for other USB-C devices (max. 60 W), such as a MacBook.


The interface has a durable metal housing with a scratch-resistant, black surface, ensuring a long service life even with heavy use. The extended edge design keeps the connections well-protected.


The Reloop Flux unlocks the full version of Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS. This means DJs can get up and running with the market-leading digital vinyl system in no time. Additional licenses are not necessary.

Reloop Flux FAQs

Which Serato DJ Pro version is required to work with my Reloop FLUX?

FLUX is supported with Serato DJ Pro Version 3.0.5 or higher. to ensure compatibility with your Reloop FLUX.

How to set up FLUX?

To integrate the FLUX into a typical DJ setup, follow these steps:

  1. Inputs

    Connect your turntables or CD players to the Deck Inputs on the FLUX. If you are using turntables, connect their earth wires to the earth terminal on either the FLUX or your mixer.

    Reloop Flux - Inputs
  2. Input Level Selection

    Set each input to the correct input level using the Phono/Line switches. Set the switches to UP for Phono (turntables) or DOWN for Line (CD players).

    Reloop Flux - Switches
  3. Outputs

    Connect the Outputs on the FLUX to the Line Inputs on your mixer.

    Reloop Flux - Outputs
  4. Connect the FLUX to your computer

    Using the provided USB cable, connect the USB-C PD port on the FLUX to an available USB-C or USB-A port on your computer. Make sure you connect it directly to your computer, not through a hub or splitter.

    Reloop Flux - Outputs
  • Next-gen USB-C 3-Channel (6x6 In/Out) DVS audio interface for Serato DJ Pro
  • Turn any mixer into a professional digital vinyl system
  • Studio-grade 24-bit/96 kHz sound card with superior audio and ultra-low latency
  • Supports up to 96kHz with high-quality D/A converters for superior audio processing
  • Heavy-duty club design with Power Delivery support and USB hub
  • Unlocks full version of Serato DJ Pro & Serato DVS
  • Also functions as a stand-alone studio interface for recording and playback audio
  • 3x inputs for turntables, CD players or AUX-In for live feed signal, switchable in any combination via dedicated dip switches
  • Dedicated GND terminal for grounding turntables
  • Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant audio connections
  • 3x line outputs, including AUX-Out, assignable to the Sampler
  • Easy, accessible direct thru buttons for analogue deck playback
  • All terminals are visible from the top of the unit for easy installation in dark surroundings
  • Bus-powered cable connection for power and audio
  • Optional USB-C DC in port for external power supply
  • Power delivery support for USB-C devices (max 60W)
  • Signal-flow LEDs for all inputs and outputs (L/R) and thru indication for clear visibility
  • Power LEDs on the top panel for connection status (Hub, PD, DC)
  • 2-port USB-A hub for connecting further accessories
  • Rugged, heavy-duty metal housing with a scratch-resistant black finish for durability on the road and reliability in the club
  • Highly robust, extended edge design to protect connection terminals
  • Supports the use of Serato NoiseMap control vinyl (not included) or custom control signal WAV file for use via CDs or USB drive (download available) with no additional license purchase needed
  • Includes: 2x RCA audio cables, 1x USB-A to USB-C, 1x USB-C to USB-C, user manual
USB bus powered: Yes
Recommended power: 2A or higher / minimum power: 400 mA
Maximum USB-PD throughput: 60 W
Maximum USB Hub power output: 2 x 0.8 A = 8 W
Supported external USB (type A or C) power supply: 5 V/1 A - 20 V/3 A
Power supply priority: FLUX self-power -> USB Hub -> PD (to PC)
S/N Ratio: Deck In (LINE signal input: 0 dBV): More than 83 dB
Deck In (PHONO signal input: -32 dBV): More than 73 dB
(output reference level 1 kHz, +4 dB)
THD + N: LINE signal input: -4 dBV @1K / Less than 0.03% (1 kHz,+0 dB)
PHONO signal input: -36 dBV @1K / Less than 0.05% (1 kHz,+0 dB, Inverse RIAA)
Maximum Gain: Deck In (LINE): +4 dB +/- 2 dB
Deck In (PHONO): +36 dB +/- 2 dB
Maximum Input (1 kHz, THD=1%): Deck In (LINE): More than +7 dBV
Deck In (PHONO): More than -25 dBV
Maximum Output (1 kHz, THD=1%): Deck Output: More than +11 dBV
USB: USB audio interface with 24 bit/44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
USB 2.0 high-speed (480 Mbit/s)
Class-compliant on macOS
USB Power Delivery Protocol 3.0
Dimensions (WxDxH): 160 x 120 x 34 mm
Weight: 0.85 kg
Accessories: User Manual
1x USB type C/C cable
1x USB type C/A cable
2x RCA cables
Regular price £349.00 £0.00 Unit price per
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In Stock

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