At Knight Sound and Light, our Repair Department has been a key part of our service since we started. Our highly skilled engineers are full time, and as well as being fully qualified to high standards, have well over 60 years combined experience providing a repair service to the industry.


Thanks to our qualified technicians and our fully equipped workshop, we can cater for a wide range of equipment from DJ gear such as turntables, CDJ’s, mixers and PA speakers right through to pro audio gear, from mixing desks and interfaces to synths and band equipment such as guitar amps.


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Priority Repairs and Fixed Rates

We pride ourselves on the quality of our repair work, and as part of this high standard we offer a priority repair service on Pioneer DJ equipment (queue jump, subject to parts availability) and Technics Turntables (48hr repair). Repairs to the DJs favourite Technics SL1210 MK2 or MK5 (or Technics SL1200) are all at fixed rates. If you have damaged Technics, or are experiencing faults with your Technics, then contact us now to find out what your repair will cost.


These standards are part of the reason that manufacturers recommend us to their customers for their equipment repairs, and why we are chosen as authorised repair specialists for many of the leading brands.



3-Month Guarantee

For added peace of mind, all of our repairs are covered by a 3-month guarantee, which covers only faults on the parts repaired or replaced by us. This 3-month period is from the date a repair is completed.


Some repairs, especially with the falling costs of replacement items to buy new, are hard to justify the costs. For this reason, for repairs over a certain threshold, we will always provide an estimate before completing the repair. We are open and honest in our assessment of repairs like this, and will offer our recommendations on a case by case basis.



Domestic Audio and Hi-fi Service

Whilst we specialise in repairs for the professional industry, we are able to offer a repair service for domestic audio / hi-fi products, though the list of manufacturers is more limited.


We are also able to order spare parts should you wish to fit them yourselves. Parts sold, but not fitted, by us are supplied “as is” and without warranty. Any parts not in stock are ordered upon request.





Should you have an item that needs repairing, just bring it down to our Hanwell store, and one of our staff will get your repair booked in onto our system.


You will be required to pay a £45 booking in fee, either cash or card, when you bring your your repair to us. This fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable, as it is our minimum charge.


As our repair department is constantly working and usually very busy, there is usually a minimum period of approximately two (2) weeks** before our engineers would be able to look at your repair. Our engineers will always try to have a brief look before this two week period, but we cannot promise this. We keep large stocks of Technics 1200’s/1210’s and Pioneer spares, so it is usually possible to repair these brands much quicker.

** as it stands [April 2024] we are extremely busy, so our repair queue is currently 6-8 weeks.

Additionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, repairs can take longer than this two week period to complete. This is usually when we have ordered parts from the manufacturer or supplier and they are out of stock. Should there be a delay to your repair for any reason, we will try and keep you informed as much as possible.


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