Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR + Pioneer DJ VM-70 Package (ETA End Mar 2024)

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR + Pioneer DJ VM-70 Package (ETA End Mar 2024)

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR + Pioneer DJ VM-70 Package (ETA End Mar 2024)
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR + Pioneer DJ VM-70 Package (ETA End Mar 2024)
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR + Pioneer DJ VM-70 Package (ETA End Mar 2024)

This DJ Package includes:

  • 1 x Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR
  • 2 x Pioneer DJ VM-70 - Black
  • 1 x Camelot REAN 2x Phono to 2x Phono 3m
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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR


Take your performances to the next level with the XDJ-RR all-in-one DJ system for rekordbox. This 2-channel DJ solution inherits design traits and essential features from our professional NXS2 multi player and mixer and packs it all into one lightweight, portable piece of kit. As a result, the XDJ-RR will help you become familiar with club-standard gear as you transition from DJing at home to commanding parties, bars, and soon, clubs.

Activate the bundled rekordbox dj licence key to experiment with different DJ styles and discover your favourite. You can perform with music stored on USB drives, access your library through Link Export or use Performance mode via your laptop - the choice is yours. The 7-inch colour screen enables you to keep an eye on your beats as you put your own spin on tracks using dedicated Beat FX and Sound Color FX. Equipped with everything you need to create unique mixes on the fly, you'll be filling dancefloors in no time.


The XDJ-RR lets you choose how you'd like to perform. You can plug in your USB drive and play tracks directly, use Link Export mode to access your entire rekordbox library via your laptop without needing to export your music to a USB drive, or, if you'd prefer, you can connect your PC/Mac with a single USB cable to harness Performance mode in rekordbox dj. It's all up to you.


See what's happening on both players simultaneously via the 7-inch colour screen. Keep an eye on the playback status, BPM, waveform, and other information vital to performing creative, smooth sets.


Enhance your mixes using dedicated buttons for performance features. Remix tracks live by triggering Hot Cues in fresh sequences, chop loops on the fly with Beat Loop, use Slip Loop to re-introduce tracks in the perfect place, and bounce to the bar of your choice with Beat Jump.


Deliver fine-tuned mixes with the help of EQs and channel faders which feature the same curves as those on our professional club mixer, the DJM-900NXS2. You can also customise your routines with the popular Beat FX - Echo, Reverb and Flanger - and dial up the texture and tension with Sound Color FX - Filter, Noise, Dub Echo and Pitch.


The XDJ-RR comes bundled with our professional performance application, rekordbox dj, so you can simply activate your licence key and power up to start DJing straight out of the box. Unlock even more features by combining the XDJ-RR with our DDJ-XP1 sub controller (available separately) and the crowd won't know what hit them.

Lightweight and portable

Weighing in at just 5.2kg, transporting your kit to practice sessions, house parties and gigs is a breeze.

Dual USB-A ports

Connect 2 USB drives at the same time for seamless DJ transitions, back-to-back performances or as a reserve, just in case.

Press record

Record your mix directly to a USB drive and load it into your rekordbox library for easy editing.

External audio input

Plug in an AUX cable to play music from your mobile phone or other devices.

Pioneer DJ VM-70 - Black

The active VM-50, VM-70, and VM-80 units produce clear audio with fast-attacking, punchy bass. And, thanks to flexible DSP settings, the speakers can be tuned to suit the characteristics of a room, making them perfect for recreating a club sound when you’re DJing or providing a flat frequency response when you’re producing music in a home or professional studio setting.

Performing from home continues to grow in popularity as DJs livestream sets to friends and fans via online platforms and social media. To recreate the feeling of playing in a club, DJs need high-quality monitor speakers and, because every room reflects sound waves differently, it’s a huge advantage if they can tune the audio to suit the shape and characteristics of the space.

Great aesthetics are also important, to help a DJ’s home setup look like the booth in a club. Leaping forward from the popular Pioneer DJ S-DJX speakers, the brand-new design of the VM series units includes high-quality components and innovative features to deliver pure audio. With flat voicing, Class D amplifiers, and Aramid fibre cones, they accurately reproduce sounds from their original sources, including deep low-end frequencies thanks to the Vortex Bass Accelerator.

The fresh design of the 4 mm-thick aluminium front baffle not only looks slick, but also helps to cut out unwanted vibrations. And, thanks to DSP control, you can easily tune the speakers to the room you use them in. Whether you’re working in a compact space at home or a larger, professional studio, you can choose from 16 EQ settings to find the perfect sound for the room.


The Pioneer VM Monitor Series look different from any other speaker Pioneer have launched. The design is more akin to that of a nightclub’s speaker system than a home or studio monitor. Design and styling of these speakers ensures the VM series provide as much impact aesthetically as they do sonically.

The newly designed Constant Directivity Horn, smooth outer periphery and hexagonal shaped Aluminium Front Baffle play a large part in recreating the feeling of playing in a club visually. Combined with the Aramid Fibre Woofer Cone & newly developed Wave Guide it creates an aggressive, but sleek and professionally styled looking speaker.


Each model in the VM Monitor Series includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction.

Class D amplifiers are more electrically efficient that the AB amps used in the S-DJX Series. Very little energy is wasted. Meaning there’s less risk of overheating, and ensuring the peak output remains consistent without dips in overall power rating.

Speakers with AB amps can have higher power ratings, but VM has a consistently higher SPL output. This efficient performance results in low distortion and brings increased energy to the sound that’s authentic to the original source.


Mid and high-frequency sounds are delivered with power from the VM series speakers thanks to the Constant Directivity Horn coupled with a 1” Soft Dome Tweeter.

A CD horn can achieve uniform delivery of all the frequencies being produced, providing a well defined zone of coverage that you can count on.

The shape of the horn and the woofer edge are mathematically calculated. By matching the width of the horn with the diameter of the woofer, we create the most natural connection between the Woofer and Tweeter, ensuring minimal phasing at the crossover points, which can be problematic in larger model speakers.

The height of the horn is designed to have a directivity of approximately ±45° up and down, while the depth has a natural time alignment design to match each models size.


The Woofer Cone is made from Aramid Fibre like the S-DJX series. This is the choice material for many manufactures due to its durability and tonal characteristics.

Aramid fibre is very rigid and stiff, which is desirable from a mechanical standpoint, but it also responds quickly to vibration, and reproduces certain frequencies accurately.

The rigidity of the material provides tight control over the sound vibrations, and projects sound in such a way that fills the environment and immerses the listener.

These newly developed cones are pure Aramid Fibre, meaning they are 30 percent lighter than conventional paper-lined Aramid Cones, and have a faster transient response, delivering a much tighter and punchier low end. The VM’s Woofer Driver is also incredibly efficient, exceeding the competitions overall output by up to 8dB across the range.


Both Drivers are mounted on a hexagonal baffle made of a 4mm-thick rigid brushed aluminium plate. This has been Alumite treated so its toughened and extremely hard wearing.

The baffle forms the front face of the speaker and along with holding the drivers in place, also prevents sound from the front and the back of the drivers colliding and causing noise interference.

As it is made from such a rigid material it suppresses resonance and reduces overall cabinet vibrations. Especially in low end frequencies, helping the speaker to deliver an authentic sound while also giving the speakers a professional finish. Meaning they’ll look right sat next to a professional, or a home set-up.


By channeling air generated from the low end driver out of the cabinet in the most optimum way. The Vortex Bass Accelerator ensures that low-end audio is tight and free from unwanted vibrations and flabby bass sounds.

The fins around the edge of the bass reflex port have been mathematically positioned 10mm apart and sit 2mm proud of the port, which straightens and accelerates the air flow. This prevents distortion or rustling, and ensures that the low end is powerful and punchy, while remaining tight and clear.

A key benefit of rear ported speakers is the ability to capitalise on the additional low end reflections these can generate. Especially when placed close to a wall or corner of a room. In smaller rooms this can provide the additional low end that cant otherwise be added. You can find the sweet spot without the low end sounding muddy or flabby.

As a rule, the gap between the wall and speaker should be larger than the diameter of bass reflex port itself.

Although, it's unlikely that the speakers will be positioned parallel to the wall. In the majority of set-up’s the speakers will be angled inwards to face the listener, which gives additional space for airflow out.


The VM Series Monitors are voiced flat to ensure you hear the natural sound of the music. But of course sound is temperamental, and every room reacts differently to audio waves. To help you tweak the output and find the sound that’s perfect for the room you’re working in Pioneer have incorporated a comprehensive user DSP settings on each speaker.

The goal was to provide and easy to use DSP section that can be accessed without needing to look, and changed without having to move the speakers potentially disrupting the calibration.

Reach around to the back of the speakers and you’ll find 2 knobs: Low EQ and High EQ. Without needing to look at the rear panel, you can click the knobs into 4 different positions each, giving you 16 possible EQ settings that are simple to engage.

Choose the one that sounds best for DJing or producing music in your home or studio, depending on the shape, size, and construction of the room. For example, if your speakers are positioned near to walls or if you’re working at night, you might want to minimise bass vibrations by switching the Low EQ to Room 1 mode. Or if you find that you’re not getting enough treble, you can boost the highest frequencies by switching the High EQ to Room 2 mode.

  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR
  • Club-standard NXS2 layout
  • Dual USB-A ports
  • 7-inch large screen
  • Performance controls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR is a Hardware Unlock device for Rekordbox DJ
  • Pioneer DJ VM-70 - Black
  • Clear, low-distortion audio with fast-attacking bass
  • Recreate club-style sound
  • Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction
  • 4 mm-thick rigid aluminium front baffle
  • Aramid fibre woofer cones and Vortex Bass Accelerator
  • Constant directivity horn
  • DSP control: Easily adjust the sound to suit your room
  • Low EQ and High EQ
  • Fresh, professional design: Enhance the look and sound of your setup
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR
Plays: AAC
USB record: Yes
USB Storage Support: FAT
MIDI Control: Yes
Plug and Play: Yes
Auto Standby: Yes
Included DJ Software: rekordbox dj
What's in the box: XDJ-RR
Power cord
AC adapter
USB cable
Instruction manual (Quick start guide)
rekordbox dj licence key card
Width: 625 mm
Height: 74.2 mm
Depth: 388.5 mm
Weight: 5.2 kg
Frequency Range: 20 - 20000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 112 dB (USB)
Distortion: < 0.003 % (USB)
Performance Control
Channels: 2
Deck Control: 2
Sound Color FX: Dub Echo
Beat FX: Echo
Hot Cues: 8 per deck
Beat Loop: Yes
Beat Jump: Yes
Slip Loop: Yes
Beat Sync: Yes
Quantize: Yes
WaveZoom: Yes
Manual Loop: Yes
Mic Connection: XLR / 1/4-inch TRS Jack (Combi Socket)
Mic EQ: 2 band
Talkover: 3 Position Switch
Inputs: 1 AUX (RCA)
1 MIC (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS Jack)
USB: 2 USB A ports
1 USB B port
Outputs: 1 MASTER (XLR)
2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack)
Pioneer DJ VM-70 - Black
Type: Bi-amp 2-way active speaker
Amplifier type: Class D with DSP
LF amplifier: 70W
HF amplifier: 30W
Input connectors: XLR/TRS combo x 1 (balanced input)
RCA x 1 (unbalanced input)
Input impedance: 10 k ohms
Enclosure: Bass reflex
Enclosure material: MDF vinyl laminate
Woofer (LF driver): 6.5" (165 mm) cones
Tweeter (HF driver): 1" (25 mm) soft dome
Reproduction frequency band: 37 Hz – 36 kHz
Supported voltages: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 45 W (0.3 W or less during standby mode)
External dimensions: 229 x 341 x 312 mm
9.02” x 13.43” x 12.28”
(W × H × D)
Weight: 7.7 kg / 17.0 lbs.
Accessories: Power cable
Cushioned feet pads
Instruction Manual
Precautions for use
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