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Rode DC-USB1

Rode DC-USB1

Rode DC-USB1
Rode DC-USB1
Rode DC-USB1

Rode DC-USB1 is a USB power cable for the Rode RODECaster Pro, enabling a totally portable setup of the Rode RODECaster Pro.

2.4A USB power required.

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The Rode DC-USB1 is a power cable that allows the Rode RØDECaster Pro to be powered from any compatible USB output, making it entirely portable.

It features a locking connector for added security. A high-power (2.4A minimum) USB output is required for operation. For best results, we recommend using a USB power bank* with USB Power Delivery (PD).

*USB device/power bank not included.

What kind of power bank is compatible with the Rode DC-USB1?
We recommend you use a power bank with USB Power Delivery (PD) that supplies minimum 2.4A. These specifications should be supplied by the power bank manufacturer on their product packaging or website.

What kind of USB device do I need to use with the Rode DC-USB1?
The Rode RODECaster Pro must be powered by a USB device that supplies a minimum of 2.4A. This includes power banks with USB Power Delivery (PD) and some other USB devices.

Can I use my PC/Laptop with the Rode DC-USB1?
The Rode DC-USB1 was not designed to be used with a PC/Laptop. RODE recommends you use a power bank with USB Power Delivery (PD) for compatibility and best results.

How long can I power the Rode RODECaster Pro with the Rode DC-USB1?
The duration of charge depends on the connected USB device and the operation of the RODECaster Pro. If you are using a standard power bank (with USB Power Delivery and a capacity of 10,000mAH) you can expect it to power your RODECaster Pro for up to 8 hours. If are using 48V phantom power across all channels on the Rode RODECaster Pro, this duration can be lower.

Does the Rode DC-USB1 come with a power bank?
The Rode DC-USB1 does not ship with a USB device/power bank.

  • USB to 12V DC Power Cable
  • Locking connector for added security
  • High power USB connection required (5V with a 2.4A minimum output)
Power Requirements: 5V/2.4A (USB)
12V/1A (DC)
Regular price £25.00 £0.00 Unit price per
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