Christmas 2021

2021 what a year.

For all businesses, this has been a very unusual and often difficult year.  Here at Knight Sound and light has been no exception. Like so many others, we have faced lockdown, and re-opening with extra precautions and restrictions in our shop and showroom.

Web Sales and local pickup have been important to us
We have appreciated both our new and existing customers who have purchased products from our website, and we have also received many orders by telephone.  The local pickup option on the web site, was helpful during the pandemic and is still available to allow customers to pick up from the shop in Hanwell.


Maintaining stock levels for our wide range of stock

With Covid 19 affecting manufacturing, and supply, obtaining and replenishing stock has been challenging to say the least.  We have always carried a large stock holding so we have been better placed than many.   We carry a very wide range of stock, not all of which is necessarily on our web site, so do give us a call if you cannot find what you want.

Because of the supply difficulties we have made sure that we have extra stock on some of our most popular lines such as cables, monitors and confetti cannons all ready for your Christmas parties or presents.


DDJ 400 DJ controllers and DM-40 monitor speakers

Podcasting and studio equipment was highly sought after during the lockdown and even patch cables and adapters were selling rapidly.  Since the lockdown, DJ Controllers have been very popular and we have increased our stock holding for Pioneer DDJ-400 and the also popular DM-40 Monitor speakers.  These are also available in a number of good value packages that you will find here on our site.


Image showing DDJ-400 Conroller and DM40 Monitor Speakers

Parties and events - Confetti canons

 We stock the Showtec 62030 range of handheld confetti controllers,  containing white and silver, silver,  gold, multi-color and red hearts and white paper snowflake confetti.  These are not available from the web site, but please call to order/collect.
handheld showtec 620030 confetti cannon

Despite the pandemic we have continued to be busy installing CCTV and streaming systems into Schools and  Churches.

Finally may we take the opportunity at this time of year to wish all of our customers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.